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ePortfolio Expertise

- ePortfolio in the classroom, for lifelong learning

and workplace training, for digital identity and quality assurance

and much more...

eLearning Excellence

- eLearning quality standards and certification,

eFaculty development, Learning Object Quality

and much more....

Strategies to Transform Learning Systems

- higher education, lifelong learning, skilled immigrants, adult literacy,

international education, evaluation tools

and much more...

Consumer Guides

- Guide to eLearning, Choosing Training,

Return on Training Investment and more

Canadian Education & Training Expertise

- Canadian policies and practices, Canadian experts and services,

international eLearning and ePortfolio networks

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Professional research

Proposal writing & project planning

Project management & success

Policy development & analysis

Strategic & business planning

Evaluation & ROI analysis

Keynotes & workshops

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FuturEd is now centred in Oman and Qatar  to serve SE Asia and the Middle East.

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