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Your guide to top quality education and training

If you want job-related training or education, you should:

  • Step 1: Decide what industry or career is for you;
  • Step 2: Find out which institutions or agencies can train you;
  • Step 3: Choose the right training service for you by using this guide! This guide asks you to gather important information. Read it over first, then begin to ask questions. In the process, you'll become a good consumer of education and training services. 

This guide is based on a comprehensive description of excellence in training developed by the Canadian Labour Force Development Board. Use it to help you get the highest quality training for your dollar. Use it to understand the jargon. You deserve to know that the resources that go into your training course, the processes that are followed, and the skills and credentials you end up with are all of the highest quality. You need training that is relevant to you and to job prospects, and that makes efficient use of your time and your abilities. 

Choosing the Training You Need - Online Consumer's Guide

  • Complete the questionnaire online and get immediate feedback rating the learning institutions you are considering. 

Choosing the Training You Need - Printed Version

  • If you would like to view or print a copy of "Getting the Training You Need" click here.

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